Strategies for Language Development

Language development and learning to talk doesn’t require flashcards or an iPad. You can teach your child to talk by using simple strategies in everyday interactions and routines. Check out this posts to learn how to use these strategies.

Baby Talk is for Babies

“Baby Talk” aka “motherese” is a perfect was for infants to begin learning language. Learn how you can help your infant learn language with slight changes in the way you communicate.

Get ’em Talking: 3 Simple Strategies to Teach Language

Get the run down on these three key tips to teach your child to talk.


Ever notice that you talk more when your baby or child is near? That’s a good thing. Learn how to enhance this natural tendency to maximize your child’s language learning.

How to Expand Your Child’s Language in Everyday Conversations

Take what your child is already saying and show them how to make it even better.

Auditory Bombardment

Trying to teach a specific word? Here’s your go-to resource.

Nine Ways to Incorporate Speech Therapy into Playtime at Home

Learn about how guest author, Missy Kvitko, helps her daughter with cochlear implants develop language and listening skills in everyday routines.