Play & Social Skills

Play and social skills have a huge impact on a child’s lifelong success and need to be developed early in life. But how do you teach these skills and which skills do you need to teach? Check out the posts below for my favorite strategies and tips.

Developing Appropriate Behavior

How to Set Behavior Expectations

Learn the basics of why inappropriate behaviors happen and how to best respond.

5 Tips to Get Your Child to Follow Directions

Do your directions seem to go in one ear and out the other or meet defiance? Get basic tips for how to get your child to follow directions.

Can Social Skills Predict a Kindergartener’s Future?

Look at Me: Eye Contact

Teaching Social Skills

Inferencing: Read Between the Lines

Theory of Mind: Social Mind-Reading

Teaching Play Skills

Playing Pretend

Top Playground Fail

Teach Your Child to Share

Play & Social Skills Research

Why Theory of Mind Makes a Child Popular