Language Research

Want to know the research behind language develop for children who are DHH? Peruse through these posts to enhance your knowledge and learn what you can do to help your child.

What’s Child-Directed Speech and Is It Effective? 

Get the quick low-down on the research of Child-Directed Speech.

The Connection Between Language and Theory-of-Mind

Learn the specific language skills and concepts your child needs to develop foundational social skills.

Do Sentence Recast & Auditory Bombardment Work?

Learn how to effectively use these Listening and Spoken Language strategies to develop your child’s language.

Is there an MLU Gap between Children with and without Cochlear Implants?

A discussion on whether there is delay in MLU development and if so what are the contributing factors and what can you do to increase your child’s MLU.

Vocabulary Development for Children with Cochlear Implants

Learn how vocabulary development happens for children with cochlear implants and how you can help your child learn new words.