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How to Expand Your Child’s Language in Everyday Conversations

3.3% of children in the US have a language delay and these delays show up the most in children 3-6 years old. So whether your child is 20-months or 3-years-old, you want to be proactively developing your child’s language during these crucial brain development years. So if your child has difficulty communicating, you do want to… Read More How to Expand Your Child’s Language in Everyday Conversations


Increase MLU and Teach Cause & Effect with Conjunctions

While 3-year-olds can be pretty convincing, like the “Linda, listen” boy, most of the time their attempts at persuasion are pretty farfetched and illogical. It’s cute now but eventually they’ll need to be able to communicate and reason effectively. While these skills sounds like things only a lawyer would need, everyone needs to be able… Read More Increase MLU and Teach Cause & Effect with Conjunctions


Critical Communication Skills

Whether your child’s at home, daycare, or school, there are 9 critical communication skills needed to function independently. These communication skills work whether your child’s talking or using an alternative communication systems like PECS. This is awesome! Because isn’t that the whole goal, to help our kids be as independent as possible? The nine skills needed… Read More Critical Communication Skills

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Auditory Fatigue

After a week of professional development, I’m experiencing some serious mental fatigue. My brain literally feels like it’s going to implode from knowledge overload. This brain exhaustion makes me wonder, what’s it like for children with hearing amplification? How does it feel to experience listener/auditory fatigue? What’s Auditory Fatigue? Auditory fatigue is the exhaustion you… Read More Auditory Fatigue

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Train the Brain: Auditory Sandwich

Double chocolately goodness with cream in the middle is your inspiration for today’s easiest listening and spoken language strategy: the auditory sandwich. The auditory sandwich is one of the strategies you use to develop a child’s language and auditory skills. Keep in mind that auditory and language development is really brain development. It’s synaptic connections being… Read More Train the Brain: Auditory Sandwich