Activities to Teach Language

Need activities to develop language? We’ve got you covered!

Best YouTube Songs for Preschool Language

Music is not only fun, but also a versatile way to teach language. See my favorite YouTube songs and the types of language I use them to teach.

Creating Language Opportunities: DIY Snack

Snack, breakfast, lunch, and dinner can all be turned into fun and engaging language activities. Get the tips and strategies you can easily use to get your child talking while cooking together.

Prepositions: Teach Basic Concepts at Snack

Learn how you can use snack mats to teach prepositions. I recommend pulling out the marshmallows and chocolate chips!

Teach a Child to Follow Complex Directions

Snack mats can be used for more than just prepositions. Learn how you can design a snack mat to teach a variety of critical elements simultaneously or one at a time.

Increase MLU and Teach Cause & Effect with Conjunctions

Trying to increase MLU? Teach conjunctions with this sorting activity.


Tips to Make the Most of Your Language Activities

Get ’em Talking: Language Prompting

Get the steps to directly prompt language using scaffolding. Also learn how to fade prompts and promote independence.

5 Tips for Awesome Language Activities

What do you need to know to pull off effective and fun language activities.

Nine Ways to Incorporate Speech Therapy into Playtime at Home

Awesome tips from guest author, Missy Kvitko, about how she helps her daughter with cochlear implants develop language and listening skills.