Activities to Practice Listening

When developing the auditory system, a child’s listening skills need to be appropriately challenged. Peruse through these activities to learn how you can help your child develop their listening skills.

Prepositions: Teach Basic Concepts at Snack

New a fun and engaging activity that’s easily customizable? Try this activity to teach prepositions and challenge auditory memory.

How to Teach Following Complex Directions

Following directions is the #1 social-emotional skills need to successful in the kindergarten classroom. When it comes to following directions, it’s harder than it seems. Use this activity to develop auditory comprehension and working memory.


Make the Most of Your Listening Activities with these Tips

Auditory Fatigue

What’s auditory fatigue and why does it happen? Learn about simple changes you can make in your home to make it easier for your child to listen.

Ready to Listen: Comprehension Checks

Do you know it your child’s really listening? Gets some tips on how to check for auditory comprehension.