My Favorite Baby Books

Baby and toddler books were the first items on my registry when I prepped for Baby Boy's arrival. Some of the books on my baby shower registry were favorites from my preschool and early intervention experience and others were new-to-me but had promising Amazon reviews.

I was so quick to look for baby and toddler books because of all the memories I have being read to by my parents. Bedtime stories and spending time reading together on camping trips are times I remember in particular. I was (and am!) excited to carry on these memories with Baby Boy.

(Not to mention that being read to is super important for literacy and language development. And I'm all about doing every thing I can to promote language development.)

So let's fast forward a year or so and now Baby Boy and I are spending a lot of time with his books. We love cuddles and books before bed! And while Baby Boy isn't talking yet, he knows how to get his point across. So here are our favorite books!

  1. Babies in the Forest
  2. Babies on the Bus
  3. Baby's Colors
  4. Little Blue Boat
  5. Where's Baby's Belly Button?
  6. Roar, Roar Baby!
  7. Baby Einstein Primary Colors

Babies on the Bus is written so that you can sing along while exploring the book with you baby. This singing is probably why Baby Boy likes this book so much! Luckily he isn't too picky about the quality of my singing voice 😉 I really like that this book lends itself so easily to making book exploration fun and engaging!

Babies in the Forest has adorable illustrations and is a great way to introduce new vocabulary. Meet bears, beavers, and more animal friends with foxes "Rusty" and "Ruby."

Little Blue Boat has beautiful illustrations and poetry-rich, rhythmic text. We're big fans!

This Baby Einstein book is one of the first that I introduced to Baby Boy. It is made of soft fabric with the crinkly, noisy insides that babies love. The high contrast color pages mostly are black and white... great for Baby Boy's developing vision!

You probably noticed that I'm a big Karen Katz fan. 4 of our 7 favorite books were written by her! We also really like the lift-a-flap books.

Lift-a-flap books are an easy way to incorporate a little "auditory-first" into your book exploration. Auditory First is a listening and spoken language strategy. To use auditory first, just read the words or label a picture before showing it. Tell and then show.

Dialogic Reading

I couldn't talk about books without mentioning dialogic reading strategies... a.k.a. how to make reading more fun and engaging for your child! Baby Boy and I rarely "just read" through a book. We spend more time on some pages and less time on others. I try really hard to talk about the pictures that he is looking at and spending time focusing on what he is interested in. (This is called 'following the child's lead' and I talk all about it in this post.)

So there you have it! My favorite baby books with a quick shout out to dialogic reading strategies.

All opinions expressed are my own but momma's gotta bring home the bacon so there are affiliate links in this post. If I do receive a 'kick-back' from a purchase, thank you!

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