Blog Stats!

I’m a big fan of data and am excited to share some blog stats with you! Language for the Playground has been live for just less than 2 months and is already getting a ton of traffic. Thank you for sharing this journey with us <3

…and on to the data!

Countries with the Top Views

  1. US…………..7,338
  2. UK…………..649
  3. Canada…..545
  4. Australia.. 431
  5. India……….219

Posts with the Most Views

  1. Get ’em Talking: 3 Simple Strategies to Teach Language
  2. Get ’em Talking: Language Prompting
  3. Train the Brain: Auditory Bombardment

Have you had a chance to read these top posts? Do you think they’ve earned their place with the most views or does a different post deserve the attention?

Let us know in the comments and spread the word about Language for the Playground via Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or good old-fashioned word of mouth.

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